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"Activate Your 
7-Figure Mindset & Business
In A Fun, Bold 
& Sexy Way 
What if your business success was as simple as flicking a switch?
Just like a light switch is either “on” or “off”, your business is either in 7-Figure mode, or it’s not.

What is “7-Figure mode” Rosalyn? You might be asking…

I’m so glad you asked!

If you are like me, then you’re on the path towards generating 7-figures financially… or if that’s currently outside of your vision, then that’s perfectly okay too.

Because 7-Figure mode isn’t just about the money. It’s a mindset. 
7-Figure Mode Is When You Are:
  • ​Owning your worth
  •  Earning what you desire and deserve 
  • ​Attracting soulmate clients with ease and flow 
  • ​Sharing your message to the masses 
  • ​Excited about showing up every day 
  • ​Feeling empowered in your business and life 
  • ​Overcoming obstacles with certainty and confidence 
  • ​Clear in your purpose, your direction, and your goals 

7-Figure mode is when you are 
TURNED ON by your business…
and your business is TURNED ON by you!
It’s really an explosion of your soul declaring “YES! YES! YES!”

Or, as I like to say: it’s SOULGASMIC!

Sound a bit far out? Sound a bit too good to be true?


Let’s look at the science of electricity for a moment, and how you can Electrify Your Business to Get into 7-Figure Mode.

Electricity is a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles.

The light on in your office is either turned ON or OFF.

You allow the current to pass when you flick the switch on.

And you stop the flow of charge particles when you flick it off.

Your business is like a lightbulb.
How bright are you shining?
1. Full brightness
Are you lighting up the entire room and everyone who enters it?
2. A dim light
Are you barely turned on, and the room is feeling dark and depressed?
3. Turned off
Are completely burned out, and your bulb needs to be replaced? 
I’m guessing that if you’re reading this, your business is at either at a dim light or turned off.

If the results you’re experiencing in your business are not 100%, then we have a problem.

If your business is operating at a dim light or even burned out then it’s possible these are the reasons why:

- There is resistance showing up in the form of poor relationships or poor decisions
- There is misalignment in your body, mind, and spirit with the work you are doing
- There is a deprived connection that needs to be re-connected

The good news is that you can:

- let go of the resistance
- get into alignment, and
- re-connect with what will LIGHT YOU UP.

This is exactly why I created “Electrify” 
A VIP Intensive.
 Designed to activate your 7-figure mindset. 

As a transformational and intuitive business coach, I will work with you so you can TURN ON your business into 7-figure mode.

Together we will:-
  • ​Uncover what resistance has been holding you back
  • ​Dissolve the limiting beliefs, blocks, and behaviours that could be sabotaging your success 
  • ​Bring awareness to blind spots that could be unconsciously hindering you 
  • ​Release the past and current struggles and the obstacles
  • Dig deep into what has caused the lightbulb of your business to be on “dim” or “off” and discover what will really turn the light on… in a sustainable and meaningful way 

You will step into:
  • ​A new sense of clarity around your purpose, your “why”
  • ​A brighter and bigger vision for your future 
  • ​Defining what “7-figure mode” is in your unique way so you can feel confident in the direction of your business 
  • ​Newfound confidence in your leadership and how you show-up for your clients and audience 
  • ​Receiving money in greater and greater ways 

You will come away from our sessions together feeling:
  • ​Charged Up about life, your contribution to the world, and receiving at greater levels
  • ​Powerful as a leader, a change-agent, and the impact and income you are meant to create 
  • ​Boosted in positive vibes, happiness, laughter, and joy
  • ​Turned on by life itself 
  • ​Excited to get back to work and serving in greater ways
  • ​Totally aligned in body, mind and spirit 
  • ​On track with your action plan to move forward with certainty 

Client Love
Don't just take my word for it - hear what these Abundance Warriors have to say!

"Working with Ros was life changing in so many ways. I was stuck. I was doing my best to work in my area of passion, & thought that collaborating with some non-profit organizations in my area of specialization (body image, eating issues, girls & women) would be the way to go. However, I was continually blocked & diminished by the very organizations I was seeking to be a part of. I was told, "You're too creative, we have to hold you back," or "you're too educated for this position," and actually they hired other people to do the work I was voluntarily doing out of my passion. What I was doing to put myself out there was clearly NOT working.
I also didn't realize how competitive other professionals would be. I was under the impression that colleagues would welcome me with open arms, as I'm very passionate about what I do. Nope. Turns out some were quite jealous and territorial.
I had met Ros at Hakomi training, and really liked her energy. When I saw that she was doing business coaching, I called her. The first phone call was very teary, and the words that came out of my mouth were, "I'm DONE!" I was feeling unappreciated, under-valued, miserable, and was ready to quit what I was passionate about, and had no idea where to turn. I was giving everything away for free because that's what I was taught to do as a good girl. She was very reassuring, & told me, "You are swimming in the wrong pond."  
She encouraged me to book a VIP session, where we spent 2 days reaffirming my life and career goals, using Reiki & Hakomi & aromatherapy & laughter & tears to help me get back on track. We discussed how to "close" a room, a strategy that was sorely missing from all the academic work and training that I've done. I felt so affirmed & refreshed, & ready to go.
In the months since that time, I have made significant changes. I have given myself permission to walk away from the organizations that did not value me, say no to opportunities that are not in alignment with my core values, & seek opportunities & people that DO value me & what I have to offer. I have set a new schedule that is better in alignment with what I value & how I want to spend my time & energy. I carefully choose where my volunteer time goes, & life is soooo much better! I am getting rid of energy vampires (people that steal my time & life energy), had the courage to raise my rates and charge what I am worth (and no one batted an eyelash), & am starting to declare "This is me. This is who I am and what I stand for."
So....with Ros's cheerleading and good business strategy, I have been able to boost my confidence and declare that I am a passionate psychologist, bad-ass Shamanic Practitioner, yogi, dancer, artist, & writer! I am on the edge of a book deal, a new counselling contract, & am recently a National eating disorder prevention expert.
Working with Ros booted me out of the WRONG pond and into the OCEAN OF POSSIBILITY!"

- Dr. Angela Grace, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist & Shamanic Practitioner

"Rosalyn helped me develop not only personally but professionally. She took my "why" and systematized it into a scalable business so that I still have time and energy for myself, my husband, and our three young kids.

Rosalyn helped me connect emotionally with my prospects and clients and as a result, I tripled my monthly income in less than 6 months... and I'm making the impact I want to make with people!"

- Wena McLelland, Personal Trainer of Warrior Fitness

"I met Rosalyn when I needed her most.

I was a brand new Momma trying to figure out how to return to my business. I felt stuck, confused and had no idea where or how to begin.

Rosalyn was like my flashlight in the dark. My guide on Mount Everest. What once felt impossible finally seemed achievable.

Not only did she help me build my business, she helped me rebuild myself. She helped guide me in rediscovering my values in this new stage of my life.

I now feel more confident than I ever have. I’ve removed the “perfection mask” that I hid behind for many years. I’m now living out my passion.

I’ve created a supportive community for Women just like me, and I have the tools to assist them in their journey by using my specific gifts and talents - that Roz helped me rediscover; and I now develop & facilitate programs that generate a consistent monthly income. 

I’m forever thankful to the Universe for bringing Rosalyn into my life. She’s an amazing coach & friend. "

- Alli MacKenzie, Women Empowerment Coach 

It's time to SHIFT your business and life into 7-Figure Mode
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